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What's on

24th ESCRS Winter Meeting

Date : February 19th-23th 2020


The 24th European Society of Cataracts and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) Winter Meeting in conjunction with SAMIR (Moroccan Society of Implant & Refractive Surgery). The European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons Meeting aims to promote education and research in the field of implant and refractive surgery and to advance and promote the study and practice of ophthalmology. It seeks to promote and support research in the field of intraocular lens implantation and refractive surgery and the dissemination of the useful results thereof.

17th Officine Expo 2020

Date : February 27th-29th 2020



Since 2004 and every year, Officine Expo brings together all the professional of the medicine. As a reference show for the southern Mediterranean and African pharmacy, Officine Expo is the unmissable event of training, information and innovative in terms of products and services, allowing partners to be closer to the pharmacist. Officine Expo offers its visitors a rich and forward-looking scientific program with a focus on the evolution of pharmacy in Morocco and around the world.

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Journée Franco Marocaine du Sommeil

Date : March 12th-14th

The fifth edition of la Journée Franco Marocaine du Sommeil will be held in the Mansour Eddahbi Palais des Congrès. More than 150 doctors will attend the event and will put into perspective the impact of sleep pathologies in fields as varied as occupational medicine, psychiatry and women's health.

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Date : March 19th

After a series of performances of his show "My Story" in France and elsewhere, Ary Abittan extended the pleasure with a tour in Morocco. For the last date of this one, we will have the pleasure to welcome Ary at the Mövenpick Marrakech Palais des Congrès on March 19, 2020 at 9pm. Full of energy, Ary Abittan marks his return on stage with his show, "My Story", rather autobiographical. As the title suggests, Ary Abittan will go back over the different parts of his life and share with us his childhood, his marriage, his divorce, his celibacy, his reconstituted family and his children.

The French comedian offers us a show linking laughter, madness and emotion.

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World Health Organization

Date : March 24th-26th

The Palais des Congrès will host a meeting in March with the presence of the Ministers of Health, Finance and Foreign Affairs in Marrakech to discuss about the solution that can be done to improve global health. The aim of the meeting will be to improve global pandemic preparedness. 

B Line Event KEV ADAMS

Date : April 5th 2020

8 years after the beginning of SODA and millions of viewers on stage and in the cinema, this year he decides to go on tour with a show full of surprises in which he tells the incredible story of which he is the main character.

Kev comes back with a 3rd solo show in which he talks about everything: his family, his career, from the most sensitive subjects to the most intimate ones and accurately describes our daily life

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ETN Maroccan Society

Date : April 9th-12th 2020

SMORL organizes its Ordinary General Assembly on Saturday 09 April 2020 in our Palais Des Congrès at Mövenpick Marrakech. Under the themes : The ENT Locations of System diseases, transmission deafness with normal eardrum, treatment of Differentiated Thyroid Cancers.
SMORL is recognized by all scientific authorities and through it, the Moroccan ENT has obtained its quality label and its credibility.

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ID4Africa 2020

Date : June 2th-4th 2020


ID4Africa is an Identity-for-all Movement that accompanies African nations on their journey to develop robust and responsible Identity ecosystems in the service of development and humanitarian action. It is a tripartite with representation from African governments, development agencies and industry. 

ID4Africa holds an Annual Meeting to allow the Identity community to share information, report on progress, define priorities and policies and exchange experiences and best practices that could help advance national efforts across the Continent towards our collective goal of identity-for-all.


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Epic Yoga Festival

Date : June 17th-21th 2020

EPIC Yoga Festival will celebrate the yoga and art fusion with an EPIC Wellness Week and 5 unique and unforgettable Fusion Masterclasses, inspired by human and cultural migrations.
Join us on the greens of the « greens du gold d’Al Maaden » for 3 hours of class-show to live under the stars of the Marrakech nights. This event is the result of a precise artistic direction mixing international yoga teachers and an eclectic selection of musicians from the past and present. The opportunity to discover a unique multi-sensory experience, enhanced by original features such as video, projection, dance and other artistic surprises. 

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Congrès de la Société Marocaine de Chirurgie Orthopédique et Traumatologique

Date : June 18th-20th 2020

 The SMACOT organizes its 38th Congress in our Palais des Congrès. It is a non-profit Moroccan organization of orthopedic and trauma surgery platform for scientific expression of the works and experiences of Moroccan orthopedists, as well as for exchange between the various activity sectors. It is also a friendly meeting link between its members.

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International Salon of General Medecine

Date : June 25th-28th 2020

The 9th edition of the International Salon of General Medicine will be held at the Palais des Congrès Mövenpick Mansour Eddahbi. For more than 18 years, AMECHO has always set itself the objective of promoting continuing medical education in general medicine as well as the development and improvement of the use of ultrasound as an essential tool for the extension of the clinical examination. 

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Pure Life Experience 2020

Date : September 8th-12th 2020


Brings together the world’s best suppliers, buyers and press in high-end experiential travel for a five-day festival of business, networking and ideas that change worlds.


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International Film Festival of Marrakech (FIFM)

Date : November 13th-21th 2020

 The 19st edition of the International Film Festival of Marrakech will be held in our Palais des Congrès. This event promises, like the previous ones, to constitute an event both popular and professional, thanks to the new sections and activities planned for the festival. See you for a new edition rich in images, emotions, encounters and lights !

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